Presidents Message:

Dear Union Brothers and Sisters,


             I would first like to thank Charlie Pickens for all he has done during his tenure as president of  CWA Local 3120.  Charlie has worked hard to serve the Local and its members in the constant struggle to have the company treat its employees fairly and with the respect they deserve for what they do every day to provide our customers with the quality service they expect. 


             As we all know the upcoming year will be an important one for all of us.  It is a contract year and District 3 will be, as usual, bringing up the rear.  The contracts the other districts get will serve as the Company’s model for our contract negotiations so we must support the other CWA districts in their fight for a fair contract with AT&T.  According to newspaper reports the company posted profits of nearly $20 billion in 2010, even with the financial turmoil the working people in this country are experiencing, so I expect the Company will be negotiating from a secure financial position.  Needless to say each of us should be saving and preparing should have to strike.  It is never too early to begin preparing for such an eventuality.   


             The selection of members of the contract bargaining committee will be taking place over the next few months and suggestions for what should be in the next contract will need to be submitted to guide them about what we want, and are willing to fight for, when the next contract ratification comes around.  Any concerns, ideas or suggestions you, as members of CWA Local 3120, want to put forth should be sent to either or so we can compile and forward the issues our members feel strongly about to the bargaining committee.


             It will also be an important election year for the country with the future of the middle and working classes at stake.  I hope each and every one of you chooses to become involved to get the vote out and support the politicians who are willing to support the working people of America.  Whether this means that you work to get out the vote by volunteering on phone banks or  passing out handbills in your neighborhoods your efforts will be crucial in preserving our rights and way of life.  If you can do nothing else I ask you to contribute to COPE as generously as you can so we can provide pro-labor candidates with the funding they will need to be competitive in the increasingly expensive costs of running a political campaign. 


             If we don’t join in the political fight to maintain our jobs and way of life the only motivation that multinational corporations will have to bring jobs back to America will be when American workers are willing to become the lowest paid labor force on the planet.   


                                                                              In Unity for Working People,

                                                                                                 John Moctezuma


Communications Workers Of America

Local 3120

P.O Box 245130

Pembroke Pines, Florida

Ofc (954)431-3120

Fax (954)431-1446



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